Wit’s End

Wit’s End

The How-To’s of Dealing With Difficult People in the Workplace.

It seems that every business professional has to deal with at least one difficult person! Often, more than just one.

How about those meetings where one person always tries to steal the show? Bosses who over-assert their superiority? Co-workers who irritate you by putting you down in front of others? Badgering clients? Audience members shouting out an opinion during your presentation? And, don’t forget the meeting hog—the person who never lets you or anyone else get a word in edgewise!

This ExecuProv workshop helps students learn to handle the workplace “heckler.” Attendees learn some of the same sacred and successful tricks and secrets standup comedians and improv comedy players use when “that person” doesn’t know the improv and standup comedy rules, or those who refuse to honor them.

Students are given instruction on how to apply these tenets when dealing with the “wit’s-ender.” The result: An ability to deal with the most troublesome workplace personalities. In class, through a process of re-enacting even the most difficult situations —- with impossible people, business professionals learn clever ways to keep tough cookies on track, and also ways to keep difficult people from derailing the positive communication that everyone else truly wants.

What are your answers to the following?

Do you deal with at least one difficult person a day or people who are constantly irritating or upsetting you, though you try not to let them?

Do you find yourself in communication situations where there is constant conflict and opposition?

Are you left frustrated and angry after having conversations with certain people?

Do you wish you could take contrary co-workers and maneuver them into more harmonious behavior?

Do you want to walk away from every conversation with difficult people feeling confident, self-assured and in control?

If you answered yes to any one of the above, you won’t want to miss this ExecuProv workshop. This class is a fun and positive way to turn difficult people around; or not let them get to you. After taking this ExecuProv course, you’ll never have to reach your wit’s end again!

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Wit’s End


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