Print Media Features

The Express Tribune
May 4, 2016
“7 annoying email habits to alter right now.”

November 4, 2014
“Ten Ways to Fine-Tune Your Presentation Skills”

Yahoo! OMG!
May 22, 2013
“Is Justin Bieber Purposely Trying to Alienate Fans?”

E! Online
March 7, 2013
“Justin Bieber’s Bad Week: How He Can Get His Mojo Back!”

E! Online
November 13, 2012
“Elmo’s Future: What’s Next for the Sesame Street Character After Allegations?”

E! Online
July 25, 2012
“Kristen Stewart Is Sorry for Cheating, But Are Fans Ready to Forgive?”

December 14, 2011
“Dear Gracie: What Makes a Speech Great?”
September 21, 2011
“10 Foods to Skip In Public”

June 9, 2011
“Eddie Long’s New Churches Raise Questions About Pastor’s Behavior After Scandal”

Christian Science Monitor
May 13, 2011
“Will Ferrell wins Mark Twain Prize for Humor. Was he the Best Pick?”

Christian Science Monitor
April 25, 2011
“Kate Middleton and Prince William: Will Fashion Follow Their Lead?”
September 24, 2010
“The Year of the Female Comic?”

Troy Media
May 27, 2010
“Why Is Listening So Difficult?”

The Sydney Morning Herald 
May 17, 2010
“Think on your feet like Branson and Trump: the secrets of mental agility”

Metro Newspapers  
September 25, 2009
“What Makes Us Laugh in 2009”

New York Daily News    
June 10, 2009
“Experts: It’s rude for Malcolm Smith – and others – to peek at Blackberrys”

E! Online 
April 14, 2009
“Can Lindsay Lohan Ever Make a Career Comeback?”

New York Post    
October 8, 2008
“Drunk Emailing”

Associated Press     
September 29, 2008
“Email Yanks Its Invisible Leash”

Associated Press     
September 24, 2008
“You’ve got mail, again: Tips for e-mail overload”
September 24, 2007
“Too Late to Delete – To Avoid Embarrassment…”

Pronet Small Business
September 6, 2007
“E-mail 101”

The Professional Network Small Business Resource Center
September 6, 2007
“E-mail 101” 
August 27, 2007
“What To Do When a Co-Worker Won’t E-mail”

Chicago Tribune

July 25, 2007
“How to Save an Image”
July 25, 2007
“How to Save an Image”
July 10, 2007
“TTYL 😉 Right and Wrong Ways to End E-mail”

July 10, 2007
“Reply All and Other E-mail Gaffes”
July 9, 2007
“What Your Sign-off is Really Saying”
June 26, 2007
“What Your Sign-off is Really Saying”

The Orange County Register
June 7, 2007
“Etiquette Lessons for Inbox Addicts”

MSN Careers
June 7, 2007
“Reply All and Other E-mail Gaffes”

The Arizona Republic
May 29, 2007
“Business E-mail Exchange Goes Sour”

The Word on Words
April 23, 2007
“Hey, Buddy, Read This @$!#!% Blog”
March 26, 2007
“Build to Laugh: How to Construct Sketch Comedy with the Fast and Funny Formula”

International Herald Tribune
March 5, 2007
“The Workplace: Your Company Monitors Your Personal E-mail”

The New York Times
March 4, 2007
“The Risk is All Yours in Office E-mail”

OC Metro
March 1, 2007
“You’re on Public Speaking Classes and Coaching (Feature story)”

The Christian Science Monitor
February 2, 2007
“Are Women Allowed to be Funny?”

Microsoft Canada – Small Business Corner
November 23, 2006
“Presenting with PowerPoint”

Yahoo! Finance
November 20, 2006
“Communication Skills Trainer Debuts Book That Teaches Business Professionals How to Laugh on the Job”
November 20, 2006
“Communication Skills Trainer Debuts Book That Teaches Business Professionals How to Laugh on the Job”

San Bernardino County Sun
June 25, 2006
“Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking”

USA Today
June 21, 2006
“National Guard Troops Arrive in Big Easy”

The New York Times
June 20, 2006
“National Guard Arrives in New Orleans”

Executive Travel
March 2006
“Not the Same Old Story

The Wall Street Journal
November 26-27, 2005
“A Pregnant Gal Walks Into a Holiday Meal…”

OC Metro
November 24, 2005
“Leadership Training With a Twist”

American Way
November 2005
“Funny Business”

All You Magazine
May 2005
“Curb a Credit Stealer”

Chicago Tribune
April 24, 2005
“Service Gets Lost in Self-Serve World”

Mentor’s Connection
April 2005
“Presentation Skills Workshop”

Office Pro
March 2005
“The Write Stuff”
February 2005
“What’Cha Afraid Of?”

January 2005
“Train on the Right Track”

American Way
American Airlines
November 2005
“Funny Business”

OC Metro
September 2004
“I Tasted Success When … “

Selling Power
June 2004
“Eye the Jury

Washington Woman
March 2004
“Effective Communication”

Sacramento Bee
January 2004
“The Joke’s On You”

December 2003
“How Monty Python Changed the World”

Twin Pioneer Press  
December 2003
“Two PowerPoint Veterans Test-Drive Apple Keynote”


December 2003
“Too Funny – Laugh Out Loud”


December 2003
“Talking Up Your Trade”


December 2003
“21 Quick Start-Up Fixes: Sales and Marketing”
December, 2000
“Look Smart – How Well Connected Are You?”

The Orange County Register
October 12, 2000
“Sorting Out Facts: How the Presidential Candidates Looked and Sounded”  
September 6, 2000
“Bottom line: Humor Helps by Doubling as a Comedian…”

The Star Ledger
September 2000
“Bottom Line: Humor Helps” 
March 6, 2000
“How Well-Connected Are You?”

Entrepreneur Magazine
April 2000
“21 Quick Start-Up Fixes”

March 2000
“Finger Painting in the Boardroom”

Harvard Management Communication Letter
March 2000
“Want to Communicate Better? Try Role Playing”

Phillips PR News
January 2000
“CEO Coaching Brings Corporate Brands to Life …In Flesh and Blood”

January 2000
“Stop Joking… And Start Using Humor to Communicate Better”

Home & Family Finance
November 1999
“Network Your Way to Your Dream Job”

Business Finance
October 1999
“Noteworthy – A Stand Up Approach to Presentations”

Business Finance
October 1999
“A Stand Up Approach to Presentations”

Jam! Showbiz
April 1999
“Simpsons’ Matt Groening Talks Comedy”

Government Executive

August 1999
“A Comic’s Way to Better Listening”

Long Beach Press Telegram
September 1990
“It’s Showtime for Tongue-Tied Execs”

Investor’s Daily
August 1988
“Actors Aid Executives with Public Speaking”

Daily Pilot
July 1988
“Improvisation Helps Executives Improve Public Speaking”

The Los Angeles Business Journal
July 1987
“Improv Actors Teach Execs the Maximum is the Message”

The Orange County Register
March 1986
“Comedian Improvises a Cure for Executive Stage Fright”