Corporate Program

Corporate Program

ExecuProv’s Six To One, Half A Dozen To The Other, Corporate Combo Program.

If your company has varied public speaking and communication needs (both written and verbal), take advantage of ExecuProv’s Corporate Combo Program. Stay ahead in the new millennium by completing all 12 programs available to help you and your company be the best that they can be.

For instance, does one of your executives have an important speech coming up? Do you want to smooth out that tense communication with your staff in one or more departments? Could your customer service crew give a little better service? Is your sales team losing its edge? Need some team building among one or more of your key teams? Are their PowerPoint shows putting them to sleep?

Do some of your people need help in writing better reports, proposals and speeches? Do they need leadership tips? Need to create a theme, a workshop with pizzazz, a sketch for that corporate event? Interviewing potential hires? Then don’t miss out on ExecuProv’s Corporate Six To One, Half A Dozen To The Other and get one free Combo Program.

Here’s how it works: Sign up for one full day of presentation/communications support —- whatever your need —- one each month for 12 months, and you’ll get one additional month free. You can use your ExecuProv Combo day any way you want. ExecuProv will conduct a workshop one month and maybe a writing seminar the next. Or, take advantage of your combo time to focus on one or more executives who need to rehearse that big presentation. Maybe the month after that you’ll simply want to boost morale with a humor workshop? With ExecuProv, there are so many options!

With this new program, you can call upon ExecuProv to meet any one of a number of your communication needs throughout the year whether it’s for one person or one hundred! All ExecuProv combo sessions are custom-tailored. ExecuProv will design a program month by month that’s just right for your company, staff or upcoming events.

The following are just a dozen areas the Corporate Combo Program covers:

Public Speaking Skills (for any performance for both group or private coaching)

One-on-One Communications (building rapport, crisis situations, cultural differences)

Speech Delivery (TelePrompTer® training, speech memorization and the use of audio/visual aids)

Media Training (print and radio interviews/on-camera appearances)

Team Building (with two or 200/leadership training)

Writing (speeches, presentations, reports, proposals)

Creativity Workshops (brainstorming, productivity, problem solving)

Creating a Company Event (workshop, presentation, promotion, trade show, special occasion or retreat)

PowerPoint Shows (content and delivery)

Facilitating (meetings, panels, workshops)

Phone Skills (cold-calling, customer service)

Interviewing Techniques (resume selection/hiring and firing)

Call today for a free assessment of what combo program is best for you!

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