What’s So Funny?

What’s So Funny?

How to Get Humor and Good Storytelling into Speeches and Presentations.

This lively and interactive all-day course helps students discover their own brand of humor while also instructing them on how to create and deliver jokes, stories, anecdotes and icebreakers (as well as stories of dramatic content), for use in speeches and presentations.

Various techniques, rooted in both improv comedy training and standup comedy fundamentals, are introduced throughout the day as students perform in onstage exercises. In addition, attendees also “stand and deliver” their material before the others in class in three increments—each “take” builds on the previous one(s) as students learn to develop and enhance their “story.”

Areas covered include:

What constitutes humor.

How to tap into one’s own comedic style.

How to discover one’s own sense of timing and delivery.

How to introduce an icebreaker.

How to build to a punch line (and how to write one).

How to get the most out of a story or joke (where it goes in a speech or presentation).

How to extract humor out of personal experiences.

How to write humorous material.

What’s funny; what’s not (appropriate vs. inappropriate humor).

Each class allows for only a handful of attendees in order to maximize their highly individualized experience and “stage time.” Students receive the “What’s So Funny?” book and personal homework assignments to further their study. Typed notes of critiques are sent to each student within a few days of the workshop event.

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What’s So Funny?


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