The Art of Interviewing

The Art of Interviewing

Throughout its history, ExecuProv has continually added various communication skills classes to its curriculum along the way. As the company celebrates its 36-year anniversary in communication skills training, it now offers yet another course: The Art of Interviewing. This class is offered from two vantage points: That of the interviewee and that of the interviewer—the person looking for that “right” candidate.

Many HR directors experience frustration and regret at not hiring the “right person,” while those seeking employment often fall short in impressing their would-be employers. As usual, ExecuProv’s unusual approach to coaching those in either of these categories is innovative and surprising, but, oh so effective!

True to form with her innovative approach, and with a bent for sharing some of the same wonderful “inside secrets” of those used by entertainment types, Cherie Kerr has fashioned this course with tips from those who audition for parts and those who cast them.

Whatever you have learned, or thought you knew about interviewing, this class will open your eyes to some fascinating “tricks” for either landing that job or identifying that ideal candidate.

The two sides of the Art of Interviewing include:

One for the “interviewee,” the other for the “interviewer.”


For the job seeker who wants to nail the interview, ExecuProv offers a one-day class that provides new insight, innovative presentation techniques—both with the introductory resume and the cover letter—to how she/he comes across during the interview (an array of sophisticated approaches to presenting oneself). This course offers the same guidelines an actor would follow when auditioning for a part he/she really wants.

Areas covered are as follows:

Writing the pitch to grab the casting director’s attention and compiling the resume and head shot

Making an entrance

Dressing for the part

Playing the part

Considering dialogue choices—Too much? Too little?

Delivering the lines—Feel. Tone. Attitude.

Standing out from the others—Secrets of a Memorable Performance

Acing the audition—Your Closer

Getting the call back—You Won’t to Have to Call Them, They Will Call You

For the “casting director” who is holding the auditions. The reverse side of the Art of Interviewing includes the following:


Defining the character—what you’re looking for tells you who you’re looking for

Putting out the casting call—wording the “breakdown”

Assessing the resume—typecasting

Auditioning the performer—talent and character

Drawing out the raw, given or potential talent—how to determine if he/she has “it”

Testing the talent—X-factor or not?

Casting with certainty—getting an award-winning performer

Both of these classes are offered on an open-enrollment basis at ExecuProv’s training facility at the De Pietro Performance Center or at a client’s preferred location.

To register, please fill out the registration form below and then pay using the PayPal (or credit card) link at the bottom.

The Art of Interviewing