All For One, And One For All

The “All for One, and One for All” workshop offers a fun and energizing one-day improv workout experience—a highly interactive ExecuProv seminar that insightfully demonstrates how to build and maintain a teamwork environment in the workplace, whether it’s among the staff members of one department or groups that interrelate with several or many departments. Lessons are culled from the improv comedy player’s handbook, all of which are easy to learn and fun to master.

Building the core and strength of staff members and giving them new tools to interact together to create spontaneous and consistent team play on a daily basis, is the central theme for this new ExecuProv class.

Offered in a half or full-day session, students learn the same dynamics that create synergy and teamwork among improv comedy players—those “on-the-fly” performers who must work well together with others, at all times and under all circumstances.

Those enrolled in this one-day workshop will learn the following:

What constitutes teamwork.

The rules and the tools that create camaraderie and rapport among a troupe of improv comedy players and how they so aptly apply to an ensemble of business professionals and colleagues.

How to understand and skillfully integrate various cultures—personal backgrounds and work experiences—into one teamwork dynamic.

How to motivate team members to take responsibility for being an integral part of the “team” .

How to perpetuate a “teamwork” atmosphere, from the board room to the mail room.

How to interact and communicate from a teamwork mentality.

How to keep team play in tact and ongoing.

A fun-filled day with numerous improv exercises, challenges and problem-solving tasks are enjoyed by all who team up throughout this lively and invigorating workshop. Perfect for teams already in tact, this workshop is also ideal for newly assembled teams that need to establish a team “brand” and team dynamic.

While classes are held regularly at the headquarter work-out facility at ExecuProv for individuals from all walks of business life, classes are also custom-tailored for “teams” from companies and corporations. The latter classes can be held at ExecuProv or on-site. Lesson plans are always custom-tailored and key in on specific teamwork objectives and/or obstacles.

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