Speaking / Presentation Skills

Speaking / Presentation Skills

How to Become a More Effective Speaker and Presenter

This ExecuProv flagship course is the perfect fundamental workshop to assist the business professional in honing his/her speaking and presentation skills.

The highly interactive one-day course helps students learn the true meaning of ExecuProv’s motto: “Everyone is a Performer, but Few People are Trained to Be.” Unlike other public speaking courses, this unique class introduces students to the basics of stage performance along with the rigors of improvisational comedy—fundamentals that keep a “performer” poised and confident. The day’s agenda is filled with onstage exercises and fun-filled drills.  Before/after speaking segments, with thorough and constructive critiques, are also provided throughout the day, helping students to discover their speaker potential and sharpen mental muscles. This class also helps students discover their presentation “magic,” and ways to craft powerful content.

Typewritten notes, detailing each student’s strengths and weaknesses, are sent within a few days of the session. The course’s training manual, “I’ve Asked Miller to Say a Few Words,” is also given to students in addition to a list of personalized homework assignments so they can continue their study.

Areas covered:



Vocal production








Body language

Connecting with an audience

Arranging and formatting speech content

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Speaking/Presentation Skills


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