People Skills

People Skills

Highly Creative and Result-Oriented Solutions for More Effective One-On-One Communication.

This proven and powerful ExecuProv workshop teaches students how to deal more effectively with clients, subordinates, superiors, potential clients and peers in a positive and meaningful way. This class offers exciting new ways to strengthen and maximize everyday communication with others, whether the task requires dealing one-on-one or with a group. This workshop also helps attendees explore new and positive methods to give others what they need and want so they can consistently get what they need and want in return.

Based on the fundamental theories used in teaching improvisational comedy, the integration of these concepts into everyday dialogue with others maximizes the potential for effective communication exchanges. ExecuProv’s “People Skills” workshop gives new insight with absolute win/win results. Students are sent on their way with a copy of “When I Say This…, Do You Mean That?”, an ExecuProv manual that allows students to further their study at their own pace.

Areas covered include the 17 rules and tools most commonly used when learning improv comedy.

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People Skills


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