Meeting Called to Order

Meeting Called to Order

How to Set the Agenda, Keep to it, and Accomplish Results.

There’s nothing worse than being in a meeting where nothing gets done! Whether the meeting you call includes one, five or 50 people, “Meeting Called to Order” is the perfect solution for those business professionals who need strategies and a game plan to accomplish results at every meeting—whether it lasts for two minutes or two days.

If you’re one of those meeting facilitators who has suffered the frustration of business gatherings that produce little if any results, if you’ve wrapped up a meeting feeling dejected, helpless or frustrated, if those who attend your meetings are falling asleep, derailing the agenda, sabotaging the purpose of the get-together or act as though they could care less—”Meeting Called to Order” is the class for you!

Attendees of this ExecuProv workshop learn many of the guarded secrets of the improvisational comedy director: an individual who is required to orchestrate meaningful “scenes” among improv comedy actors each time they “meet” on stage to perform a bit with no scripted material. Students also learn many of the “tricks and secrets” of the improv comedy player that he/she uses to maximize an ensemble setting. Improvisational comedy directors must always keep their players on track and move them quickly and productively to a satisfying finish. The performers must also navigate their way through stage “meetings,” working with one another successfully as they act out the agenda given to them by the audience (audience suggestions)—each time accomplishing the prescribed goal. Learn what they learn to restore order where there is chaos. Learn what they learn to host meetings that serve a purpose and get results.

The following are just a few of the lessons learned in the Meeting Called to Order workshop:

How to plan more productively for a meeting.

How to prepare and organize materials for a meeting.

The four-part plan for making a meeting successful.

How to create synergy and interaction during a meeting.

How to make every meeting attendee accountable for input.

How to stimulate energetic problem-solving skills.

How to communicate ideas, needs and requests more effectively.

How to handle “hold outs” and how to handle “controllers.”

How to diffuse tension.

How and when to use humor during a meeting.

How to redirect a meeting when it’s gotten off track.

How to gain respect from the group.

How to command authority without alienating the group.

How to measure the success of a meeting.

What to hand out when the meeting is over.

What to expect to get back from those who attend the meeting.

How to present effective “next steps” and keep people accountable for them.

As with other ExecuProv workshops, “Meeting Called to Order,” is a one-day class that encourages lots of interaction, team-building and role playing. Class size is kept to a minimum in order to ensure optimal results.

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Meeting Called to Order