Media Training Magic

Media Training Magic

Are you doing a radio, podcast or television interview soon?

Talking to a newspaper, magazine or website reporter or editor in the not-to-distant future?

Nearly every year, since the advent of ExecuProv in 1983, it has provided new offerings to its clients by creating unique presentation and communication skills workshops. In 2019 ExecuProv began offering “Media Magic,” a course to train for broadcast appearances. With founder Kerr’s vast experience as a PR professional, actress and director (both stage and film), her media training is not only highly effective, but her tips are easy to master–her technique, a snap to grasp.

Whether you have done interviews in the past or are booked for one soon, you may want to spend a day in this fun and challenging media training workshop to hone your “chops.”  Media Training Magic is a must-do for anyone who talks to the media–on the phone, in person or on-air.

Through ExecuProv’s sister company, KerrPR (, an award-winning public relations firm (founded in 1978) that books, and has continued to book, its clients on all major network media–such as “Good Morning America,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “20/20,” the “Today” show and many others, as well as such publications and wire services as the Los Angeles Times, NY Times, People magazine, Huffington Post; Reuters, Associated Press…it has been necessary for its clients to be “media ready!” Over the years, Kerr has coached dozens of clients for guest appearances on radio and television. She has instructed them on how to keep the conversation loose and spontaneous, yet come across as a solid commentator during any interview. Along the way, she has even groomed experts for their own cable network television shows. Now, ExecuProv is offering a one-day workshop that hits the mark for any business professional who finds the need to be, or yearns to be, in the spotlight.

The following is what you will learn:


Posture and demeanor

Speaking skills (diction, vocalization and proper breathing)

Appropriate facial and body animation

How to play to the camera

How to interact with the host or reporter

How to quell the jitters

How to appear composed and confident when a question you are asked is completely unexpected


How to answer questions on point and incisively

How to spin your message

How to stay in control of the interview

How to focus and quickly say the right thing at the right time

Class size is limited and each Media Training Magic class works from a lesson plan specifically designed for those students who are in it.  This class and private coaching are also offered via Skype or Zoom. 

To register, please fill out the registration form below and then pay using the PayPal (or credit card) link at the bottom.

Media Training Magic