Making a Scene

Making A Scene

Explore Various Options That Help You Get The Most Out of Every Conversation.

Far too many times throughout the workday, each of us wish we could have that conversation just one more time—redo that “scene”—only differently than the first time.

This ExecuProv class focuses on the many options and choices there truly are when communicating with others. It also hones in on how to make every piece of communication work!

During this class, participants re-enact workplace scenes (and redo them) as they learn how diverse they really can be with options to approach and dialogue to get the result they want. Creativity and one’s reliance on instincts and intuition are stressed.

Lessons for this innovative ExecuProv workshop are culled from the improvisational comedy player’s handbook—on what makes a scene a scene—and interspersed throughout the day. Students learn many of the tricks and secrets of how these impromptu on-stage players always seem to make a piece of communication (“scene”) work.

Students learn what constitutes a scene, how to get it off the ground, and how to effectively bring it to a satisfactory conclusion.

Key reasons people take this course:

Confusion and disappointment over the outcome of his/her communication?

Frustration over communications (“scenes”) being incomplete, misconstrued, unclear, hostile or ineffective.

Angst attached to the inability to go back and do that scene one more time–differently.

Inability to persuade others to see his/her point of view.

Students will learn:

Tips for recognizing the beginning, middle and end of any scene.

Guidelines for moving a scene along briskly.

How to build confidence in dealing with those impending conversations that one dreads.

Don’t miss this exciting and interactive ExecuProv class. It’s what every business professional in the workplace needs!

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Making a Scene


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