Just Listen!!

Just Listen!!

…something most in corporate America don’t do as well as they should.

While many of ExecuProv’s workshops touch on listening as a small portion of the overall lesson, Just Listen!, dedicates an entire day to the many facets and processes of listening.

In this most recently added ExecuProv one-day workshop, Just Listen!, teaches students to hear and LISTEN TO both what is said and what is “unsaid.” While many business professionals listen to the spoken word at face value (and rarely do they listen to those words in their entirety), most do not listen to what is never explicitly expressed–that is, what is said beneath the surface (subtext).

Since most business professionals find themselves constantly distracted by the technological advances that are geared to speed up today’s productivity (how ironic), they often lose valuable time by having to “re-communicate” (“what did you say?”) messages–whether such messages are verbal or in writing. Quite often, a lack of listening can result in misconstrued instructions, wasted company time, the loss of sales, and ultimately damaged or lost workplace relationships.

In today’s fast-paced business world, it is extremely difficult to listen appropriately and intently.

This new and fun ExecuProv “out-of-the-box” workshop experience is designed to heighten the listening process and maximize communication. While the seven-hour program provides some of the basic listening techniques, drills, and exercises used to train the improvisational comedy player, it also ups the ante by serving up some of the most fun, accelerated and advanced drills used by those performers. Overall, the methods taught include: How to tune out distractions, how to hear “globally” and “perceptively,” and how to better focus, so as not to miss a word!

In the Just Listen! workshop here is what students will master:

How the improv comedy player discerns the difference between the words “hear” and “listen”

How to develop a deeper (“thicker”) sense of concentration

How to “keen-up” the ear

How to hear each word that is spoken by others; not leaving any of them out

How to hear the overall message in its entirety

How to quickly hear what is beneath the surface of spoken words

How to ferret out “the single most important thing said”

How to strengthen the listening “muscle” on a regular basis

How to best deal with those who don’t listen to you; who don’t hear what you have to say

How to offer up quick and appropriate responses

Class size is limited to eight students to ensure highly-individualized.

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(714) 550-9900 or (Denver office) (303) 619-3949

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Just Listen!


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