How to Think Fast on Your Feet

How To Think Fast on Your Feet

(Without Putting Them in Your Mouth)

For those who are dissatisfied with their ability to respond quickly, appropriately, and confidently—especially when under pressure or at inopportune times—this advanced one-day ExecuProv educational experience is a must! In sum, this is the workshop for the business professional who doesn’t know what to say when…

The “Fast” workshop curriculum offers a lively lesson plan geared to help students lessen their inhibitions, quicken mental responses, and spur reactions that avoid awkward delays. Through a series of fast-faced, improvisational drills—that stretch, spark and electrify the mind—students build poise and confidence, while eliminating fear, hesitation and angst over failed communication situations.

Questions to ask to see if you’re a potential “Fast” class candidate:

Does your mind freeze up at the most inopportune times?

Do you think of the perfect thing to say … later?

Are you easily thrown when the direction of a meeting shifts?

Are you ever called upon impromptu to speak before a group?

Do people throw unexpected questions at you—do they confront you, or do they expect you to have the perfect response when you’re put on the spot?  (Do you answer with brilliance, creativity and confidence?)

Do your inhibitions dictate your level of spontaneity?

Are you lacking when it comes to being glib, quick, perceptive and mentally agile?

Are you smooth under pressure?

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How to Think Fast on Your Feet


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