How to BE Presidential

How to BE Presidential

The Secret Handbook for Top-Level Executives and Those Who Aspire to BE

Are you on the way to the top within your organization, but don’t quite know how to demonstrate to the “powers-that-be” that you are fully capable of taking on the job you really want?

Are you already at the top but fail to show those around you that you are fully in charge? Do you lack the authority to gain the respect of your peers? Are you responsible for training tomorrow’s managers and executives but simply don’t have the tools? Do you want your clients and customers to believe you are the go-to person? If you have answered yes to any of the above, then ExecuProv’s “How to BE Presidential” is the workshop for you! You will learn some of the secrets used by many top-level executives—including the presidents of many companies—who never fail to win over and impress those around them.

Day One: Demeanor and Presentation Style.

Day Two: Messaging- both verbal and written

As a participant in this two-day workshop, you’ll learn the following:

How to tap into and discover your own sense of power.

How to develop a presence that says “I’m the chief.”

How to convey a sense of command.

How to move like a top-level executive.

How to talk like a top-level executive.

How to demonstrate that you’re a leader (without coming across as obnoxious, condescending or superior).

How to show co-workers, clients and the boss that you’re the one who should be running the show.

How to get your team to follow your lead, unquestionably.

How to handle enormous pressure, remaining unruffled and poised.

How to solve any problem on the spot—every time.

How to provide the appropriate “answer” during each and every on-the-job situation.

How to handle confrontations with ease, poise and authority.

How to organize and deliver your thoughts with clarity and persuasion.

How to be a better business writer (specifically email communication).

How to empower others.

You’ll engage in a series of exercises that will equip you with the tools to step up and take charge.  You’ll also learn techniques on how to conduct yourself powerfully through participation in a round of eye-opening “scenes”—before and after examples—of “presidential moments.” You’ll also learn how to send more professional and meaningful messages. Whether you are on your way to the top or have already arrived and need to put yourself across with more dignity, authority and presence, “How to BE  Presidential” is the ExecuProv workshop you won’t want to miss!

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How To BE Presidential


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