Funny Business

Funny Business

How To Make You Laugh On The Job Every Day

With stress, tension and difficult situations permeating everyone’s business day, the need for finding more positive and bonding ways to communicate is essential. There is no better way in which to do that than by using humor, especially when tensions rise within the work environment.

This make-you-laugh ExecuProv workshop is geared to help students find balance and a lighter touch while on the job every day. It also is designed to help co-workers establish and maintain a more positive atmosphere in the workplace through injecting and plying humor, when appropriate. It also focuses on helping students tone their humor muscles.

What sets this ExecuProv workshop apart from others is that it strictly focuses on humor—NOTHING ELSE —and the use of it with regard to relating to others. All ExecuProv workshops are rooted in the premises of improvisational comedy and this class is no exception! Much of the workout during the class is spontaneous and quick-witted! The class is limited to a handful of attendees in order to maximize personal attention. Participants are asked to share their difficult, tense and uncomfortable situations from their everyday experiences. They are then shown how to incorporate humor into those situations. This workshop is offered on an open-enrollment basis as well as during company group sessions.

Each student is given the “Funny Business: How to Make You Laugh on the Job Every Day” manual as a handout. The book is chock full of fun exercises and reminders for easy follow up.

The following areas are covered during this informational and fun workshop experience:

Understanding one’s own sense of humor.

Understanding others’ sense of humor.

Diffusing anger and tension through humor.

Injecting humor into the work atmosphere.


Cherie Kerr teaches professionals how to “lighten up.” But for those of us unable to attend a seminar, Funny Business summarizes her approach to maintaining peace of mind by offsetting daily and unavoidable stress with good doses of healthy laughter. A more elegant phrasing is–in the author’s words– “For every down experience on the job, we need an up one to achieve balance.” –

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Funny Business