Email Live (and unplugged)

Email Live (and unplugged)

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Hate it when someone ignores your email or answers it whenever they feel like it? Frustrated when you can’t decipher the intent behind the words in emails/texts? Getting called out for the way you convey your email or text messages? Wasting time because of “reply all” or trying to figure out what you think someone was trying to say?  Got other email or text gripes?

We bet you do! And, at ExecuProv, we do as well! Today, with an estimated 90-percent of communication either by email or text, there are a host of  issues that are making people crazy—some of them compromising professional relationships—others causing colleagues a type of communication PTSD!

During ExecuProv’s one-day interactive workshop: EMAIL LIVE (and unplugged) we will address the issues above and many more. And, yours!

Email Live (and unplugged) is one more revolutionary course in ExecuProv’s ever-growing “Email/Text Etiquette” series. You will play performer, head writer, and director. What could be more fun??!!

To register, please fill out the registration form below and then pay using the PayPal (or credit card) link at the bottom.

Email Live (and Unplugged)


After registration and payment, please click the link below.

After registration and payment, please click the link below.