Death By PowerPoint

Death By PowerPoint

How to Avoid Killing Your Presentation and Sucking the Life Out of Your Audience.

This class teaches the business professional the dos and don’ts of using PowerPoint during speeches, presentations, training sessions and other similar events. The class features 14 easy guidelines—seven address the creation, development and structuring of the content, while the other seven feature tips on the how to’s of a powerful and entertaining delivery. Students are asked to bring a PowerPoint presentation with them to work on, or create a new one during class.

Similar to other ExecuProv classes, this workshop is highly interactive and collaborative. Attendance for open-enrollment classes are kept to a minimum (six to eight students); larger (company/corporate) sessions are designed to keep the experience equally personalized.

Areas covered:

How to create a PowerPoint show that is interesting and entertaining.

How to create, compile and edit a show.

How to use words, pictures, animation (videos), and colors effectively.

How to keep the delivery from being flat and boring.

How to weave the “human element” into the show.

How to stage and block movement.

How to prepare and rehearse properly.

How to interact with an audience throughout the show.

How to leave the audience wanting more.

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Death By Powerpoint


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After registration and payment, please click the link below.