Simple Basics for Video Conferencing

With many business professionals opting to use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and other hook-up platforms to conduct business meetings and presentations these days, it is critical they learn simple basics they may not have thought of.  Yes, we are now living in a new age where video conferencing is likely to be the norm, not an interim fix until Covid-19 vanishes. Some say at least 50-percent of the workforce will continue to work from home, on camera.

That means we must adapt—we must learn to become an “on-air” personality!
Did you know as a participant—attendee or facilitator—you have now become a broadcaster? What if you don’t know some of the tricks of that trade? No problem. The Zoom This! 90-minute live seminar will equip you with do’s and don’ts and solid tips to make your online meeting(s)/presentation(s) zip along, stay on track, make you come across as full-pro, and engender productive results. Zoom This! covers tips for delivery and content as communication and interaction shift to the video-conference format.
Do you and others on your team need this course? Here are some questions worth pondering; When engaged in a virtual meeting are you or those on your staff looking all over the place? Do attendees sound like they are in a tunnel? Is everyone interrupting one another? Do you or they jump online with no structured agenda for the meeting? Does the meeting get out of hand?  Is the meeting boring and tedious? Lifeless and drab?


From admin assistants to presidents, below are only some of the skills students will learn:  
*How to prepare for the meeting
*How to open the meeting—how to bring the group together
*The how-to’s of a new delivery/presentation style for online communication
*How to stage your online event/meeting/presentation properly and professionally
*How to deal with the camera, light, and sound; simply.
*How to facilitate Interaction with the group.
*How to interact as an audience member
*How to change the way you present your content
*Productive ways to close the meeting
*how to manage Q & A

What they are saying about this class:

“Thanks so much for creating the Zoom class over the last month.  As always your concise up-to-date observations and suggestions have been so helpful.  In my new touch-less selling World, the tips and examples you shared have been so insightful.  The interaction with the other participants is a very special benefit of participation.” Gary T., CEO, Thor-Man.

“The use of technology to interact and collaborate is now part of our day to day lives. Most of us need to learn the basics to improve our effectiveness using tools such as Zoom. The basics are not the only thing, they are everything. Cherie can give you the basics you need to be effective.” Ben R., senior consultant MAP Consulting

“Thank you for your time and dedication to everyone here at Algorand! We truly appreciated it! Now, I never forget to check the lighting and camera level before the start of an online meeting.” Melissa McKenzie, Algorand.

“My Sandis colleagues are my favorite people to see on screen. The pointers you gave make everyone feel more connected and engaged. Thank you!” Julie Clement, Made to Thrive