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Write Away!

When it comes to written materials, perhaps you’ve had difficulty expressing yourself appropriately, concisely, persuasively or professionally. Maybe you’ve found yourself misunderstood while others have found you verbose, inarticulate and unclear. Perhaps you’re even self-conscious or unsure about how to say “it” when it comes time to put it in writing.

See if any of these ring true in terms of your written communications:

  • Has anyone found your emails abrupt and too blunt?
  • Are your handout materials cluttered, out of sync, hard to assimilate or do they go on and on…?
  • Is that regular report you’re asked to write jumbled, unclear, and worse yet, always falling short of good narrative?
  • Are you criticized for poor writing mechanics such as grammar, punctuation, misspelling, minimal vocabulary and typos?
  • Are you just not as articulate when you write your thoughts as compared to when you say them?
  • Are you unable to convey your ideas or persuade others of your points of view when you put them in writing?
  • Can’t seem to write a speech that’s interesting, hard-hitting, or packs that punch?
  • Having difficulty writing jokes and stories for use in presentations or speeches?
  • Is that PowerPoint show boring and sluggish–does it drone on?
  • Ever experience “writer’s block?”

If you answered “yes” to any one of the above, you’ll want to take advantage of ExecuProv’s new workshop, Write Away.: How to Be A Better Business Writer By Studying the Pros You Never Thought Of.  Whether you’re required to craft memos, emails, letters, presentation handouts, PowerPoint shows, speeches, pitches, reports, or any other written materials used throughout your typical workday to communicate with others, Write Away is the class for you! THIS CLASS IS NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE AT TEACHABLE.

Class enrollment is kept to a minimum and instruction is highly personalized, interactive and fun. For corporate on-site workshops, classes are custom-tailored to meet a client’s needs. Call now to learn how Write Away can help you gain confidence, polish and ease when you’re having to write it rather than say it!


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