The Bliss or “Diss” Connection

The Bliss or “Diss” Connection

Email Etiquette for the Business Professional

(3 Course Options)

What Message Are You Sending?

With the majority of communication between business professionals taking place via email today, ExecuProv now offers its “Email Etiquette” class in three distinct course options: as an on-site course at its training facility in Santa Ana or at the company’s preferred location, as an online basic primer course, or as an online private-coaching course.

With lessons culled from the ExecuProv founder’s book of the same title, this workshop begs the question: What message are you sending? The class keys in on everything from semantics to sentiment.

“The Bliss or “Diss” Connection – Email Etiquette for the Business Professional” is offered in three distinct course options in which students will learn the following:

The dos and don’ts of email communication.

When it is appropriate to communicate via email and when to verbalize it.

The proper lengths, styles and formats for different types of emails.

How to send more effective messages.

How to build relationships via email, rather than dismantle them.

How to become a more effective business writer.

How to convey tone and personality in a positive way.

How to compose emails that hit the mark.

How to discern which emails are “naughty” or “nice,” and how to respond to those that are hostile.

How to get the real message across.

Good manners with email communication and how to deal with people who don’t have them.

How to be clear, concise and to the point without offending the recipient.

How to correct the most common email mistakes.

The following are descriptions of the three courses offered. All are highly interactive and perfect for any business professional whose job relies heavily on email communication.

Course #1: On-Site

An onsite, one-day workshop, in which attendees work together throughout the lesson-filled day creating and rewriting email communication. Lively discussions about what works and what doesn’t are also part of this timely ExecuProv communication skills course.

This course is offered quarterly on an open-enrollment basis or provided to companies with a custom-tailored lesson plan that keys in on their most pressing email etiquette needs.

Workshop takes place at either ExecuProv’s private training facility in Santa Ana, or at the company’s preferred location.

Course #2: Online- Basic Fundamentals of Email Etiquette

A six-week course in which students learn the basic fundamentals of effective email communication. Lessons are similar to those from the on-site course option—consider it the digital version.

Class Tuition: $99

Course #3: Online- Private Coaching Course

An eight-week course in which students learn the basic fundamentals of “Email Etiquette” taught in course options one and two.

A highly interactive private-coaching experience includes the following:

Personalized feedback and suggestions on crafting more effective emails.

An introspective look at why people love email and also hate it.

Private one-on-one interaction with the instructor via email, by phone, or in person.

Class Tuition: $675

Lessons in both online courses may be completed at the convenience and pace of the student, within the four-month enrollment period. An ExecuProv Certificate of Completion will be issued at the satisfactory conclusion of all course options.

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