Humorous Training Video Library


“Haven’t You Forgotten Something?” – Dermatologist Dr. Lookgood Tries to Sell Her Cosmetic Product Line to An Existing Patient.

“Ask a HealthNut” – Dr. Robinson Shows How NOT to Do the On-Air Botox interview


“Samurai Mediator” – In Divorce Mediation, Shouldn’t Each Party Get Half?

“Samurai Court Reporter” – The Court Reporter Sets the Record Straight

“Chaotic Divorce” – Shouldn’t Everybody Collaborate?

“Trying My Patience” – The Non-Compelling Closing Argument

“Type Cast” – Which of These Judges is Hearing Your Case?

“The Marble Game” – One For Me, One For You…

Sales and Meetings

“Hostile Takeover” – Get With The Program or You’re Out

“Get Out There and Sell Something!” – When Your Sales Team Whines

“I’m Floored, But Selling Anyway” – Are They Buying or Dragging it Out?

“Grow Up!” – My Boss is Such a Child

“Movin’ Up the Corporate Ladder” – Assert Your CEO

“May I Say Something?” – It’s Not About the Bottom Line; It’s About the Come-On Line

“Breath of a Salesman” – Can the Customer Get a Word In?

“Zonkzoogie Boogie” – Who’s Listening to Whom?

“By Me” – You’ve Made the Sale but Can You Get the Customer’s Attention?

“Meeting Called to Order” – Is There a Meeting Going On?

“Denigrate to Motivate” – When the Sales Manager Tells it Like it is …That Ought to Fire ‘Em up! (Please Call to Request Preview)

“Initial Reaction” – What Do They Really Stand For?

“Printing Presses” – Is Everyone on the Same Page?

“Double Speak” – What Are They Talking About?

“Beat The Clock” – Time is Running Out

“60 Second Meeting” – Is Your Team This Productive?

“Grand Theft Office Supply”

“Email Buzzards” Get Up to Speed

“Email Sentencing”– You’re Getting Slammed

The Recession

“Taking Stock” – If You Can’t Give Them a Raise, Give Them Praise

“Ironing Out the Difference” – The Moonlighting Plight of the CEO

“Pizza Pallor” – Success Driven

“Slip Up” – No One Gets a Bonus but What Do They Get?

“Dishing With Obama” – Nothing Could Be Finer Than the Brand New White House China


“PowerPoint Putz” – Need I Say More?

“Making the Speech” – If You’re Good, Will You Get a Cookie?


“Mr. Cooperative” – But is There a Wedge Between Us?

“Sob Story” – Ms. Meltdown and the Interview

“Background Check” – Who Needs People?

“Miss Congeniality” – Yes, to Everything!

“Mr. Hesitation” – Let Me Think About it For a Second, or More…

“Mr. Ready” – When Do I start?

“Mr. Arrogance” – Look No Further, I’m Your Guy!

Customer Service

“Give the Customer a Mouthful” – But Will He Understand it?

“Give the Customer the Courtesy…” – Or Not!


“Getting Cornered” – Can You Think Outside the Box?

“Lift With Your Legs, Back Straight” – But Think With Your Head

Sexual Harassment

“Gladys Baxter” – There’s a Sexual Harassment Bully in Every Office

“Correct Me if I’m Wrong…” – Unabashed or Harassed?

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