ExecuProv Weekly

ExecuProv Weekly

More like play than rigorous study, this once-weekly, evening workshop allows the student to fully explore his or her presentation and communication skills potential.

Sampling some of ExecuProv’s select class offerings, this course focuses on stretching one’s mental muscles, lessening inhibitions, perfecting messaging (whether verbal or written), and exploring one’s performance style.

Each week, a custom-tailored lesson plan reflects the needs and wants of “ExecuProv Weekly’s” attendees. Each student sets his/her own expectations and goals which are shared with the instructor prior to the beginning of the workshop series.

The class is limited to 10 students. After the completion of the eight-week course, the students perform their very own live improv comedy show before an audience of friends, family and colleagues.

The model for the “ExecuProv Weekly” curriculum is fashioned after an actual “actor’s” improv comedy class. Students excel at his/her own pace.

During ExecuProv Weekly, enrollees will learn the following:

How to take to the stage with a consistent and strong presence.

How to mitigate the fear of “performing” in front of others.

How to develop and strengthen one’s mental muscles.

How to lessen inhibitions.

How to provide quick and appropriate responses.

How to face challenging communication situations with grace, finesse and wit.

How to handle the unexpected when the business agenda suddenly changes.

How to develop, create and organize content

How to write powerful messages and other content.

“ExecuProv Weekly”, one of the company’s most popular class models, is offered once yearly.